Transforming the Treatment of Immune Diseases

Noa Therapeutics is a preclinical biotech company pioneering the development of multimodal therapies. Singular, non-steroidal, small molecules with tunable activity across three inflammatory barrier disease drivers to simplify the course of care for patients in need.

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Breaking Free from Convention

Our immune system’s first line of defense are barriers such as our skin and gut. Impaired barrier function is associated with infection and inflammation, resulting in immune disease.

Current therapeutics for inflammatory barrier diseases focus on symptom relief, particularly inflammation due to the pathophysiological role of inflammatory cytokines in many diseases. However, addressing individual disease drivers in isolation inherently leads to limited efficacy, resulting in poor patient compliance, and unfortunately serious side effects. This current paradigm leaves patients and physicians cycling through trial-and-error treatment failures. 

Noa is embarking on a journey to develop breakthrough multimodal therapeutics to wholly address the complexity of immune diseases. Providing singular therapeutic solutions with meaningful outcomes.

Our Approach

Leveraging a systems biology approach, Noa is leading the discovery of multimodal therapeutic compounds for the tailored treatment of immune diseases. Our suite of singular, non-steroidal, small molecules drive three discrete therapeutic targets, uniquely suited to address the complexity of immune diseases involving barrier dysfunction. 

This differentiated multimodal approach is uniquely suited to address unmet needs in atopic dermatitis as a first use case. By addressing multiple disease drivers and providing an anticipated superior safety profile, Noa is aligned to serve underrepresented and underserved patients inclusive of juvenile and pediatric populations. Creating an opportunity for Noa to redefine immune disease treatment for unprecedented clinical impact.


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The Impact of Atopic Dermatitis



Persons affected by Atopic Dermatitis in the United States



Majority of cases receive topical therapies. First line: corticosteroids.



Patients dissatisfied with current treatment options

Our Research

Noa Therapeutics is pioneering the development of non-steroidal, multimodal small molecules for the tailored treatment of immune diseases. Adopting a systems biology approach, Noa is able to tune the efficacy profile of each of our novel drug compounds across three discrete therapeutic targets to affect:  

Immune Modulation

Attenuating inflammatory cytokines to promote resolution of chronic inflammation and immune homeostasis

Barrier Restoration

Upregulating epithelial and endothelial barrier proteins for the restoration of homeostatic barrier function

Microbiome Modulation

Broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, including antibiotic resistant pathogens, while retaining a null resistance profile

With an expected distinction in safety profile and multimodal therapeutic advantage, Noa aims to provide a long-term solution for the safe, effective, and rapid resolution of immune disease including juvenile and pediatric populations.

 Delivering meaningful outcomes for all patients and those who care for them.

Our Program

Noa Therapeutics is a preclinical biotech company leveraging a systems biology approach to accelerate the design of tailored multimodal solutions for complex immune diseases. Based in Toronto at the MaRS Discovery District, Noa was founded by scientists and entrepreneurs with discrete expertise in dermal therapeutics, from discovery through to commercialization.

Leveraging this differentiated multimodal approach, Noa’s non-steroidal lead drug compound, NOA-101, will simultaneously address three constructive therapeutic targets to address a range of unmet needs within Atopic Dermatitis as a first use case with the opportunity for label expansion into psoriasis, acne, vitiligo and hyperpigmentation. In parallel, Noa is building a portfolio of tailored multimodal therapeutics to discretely suited to address secondary markets including gastrointestinal (ulcerative colitis), central nervous system (multiple sclerosis), ocular, and cardiovascular immune disease indications.

Breaking free from the current treatment paradigm, Noa aims to resolve multiple immune diseases drivers. Restoring barrier function while promoting immune homeostasis without compromising systemic immunity. Streamlining treatment into one, singular, therapeutic solution with meaningful outcomes. 

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Carla Spina, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Founding Director. Seasoned innovator. Over 18 years experience in skin and wound device and drugs. Leading discovery through clinical phase study and commercialization.

Serena Mandla, MSc

Chief Scientific Officer

Founding Director. Experienced innovator in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of novel small peptides for cardiovascular and skin disease applications.

Maura Campbell, PhD

Noa Board Member

CEO of OBIO and former Vice President, Intellectual Property and Contracts at Turnstone Biologics; delivering breakthrough cancer immunotherapies.

Michael McAlduff, PhD

Noa Board Member

Successful entrepreneur with leadership roles in multiple biotech start-ups, including Sona Nano; developers of the first Canadian-made rapid antigen COVID-19 test.